Badger News

New Disclosure module in CLIO

Thursday 15th December 2016

In consultation with a national working party from the UK Police Forces, we have designed, developed and are now rolling out a disclosure module within the CLIO system for handling multiple prosecution packages from a single CLIO incident and co-ordinating the process between case officers, disclosure officers and CPS/Courts. The module not only handles the process of reviewing and managing all of the material in CLIO and the related disclosure schedules but also provides a single repository for other disclosure related information produced by the Police, CPS or defence - so that all of this information can be centralised and a comprehensive resource compiled.

Several Police Forces have been trialling the disclosure module and it is now available for all - if you are a current customer and don't already have it, contact us to ask for the upgrade which will add the disclosure features to all of your existing CLIO operations, as well as any new ones.