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South East Coast Ambulance go live with CLIO

South East Coast Ambulance go live with CLIO

Wednesday 23rd January 2019

We have received some really positive feedback from South East Coast Ambulance Service regarding their use of the CLIO system as they went live at Christmas.

"Feedback was positive from users and they had no major issues (IT or system wise)

The use of the system on Ipads worked well and they exampled an instance where SECAmb had an issue at a local hospital, they dispatched a HALO (Hospital Ambulance Liaison Officer) to the hospital who used his Ipad to update CLIO thereby saving at least half a dozen telephone calls and everyone received the same update instantaneously.

CLIO was used in SECAMB's operations centre and the Strategic Commanders were really impressed by the Whiteboard facility. This was displayed throughout the Christmas period giving them the opportunity to self-brief and get an overview of what was going on at any moment in time across the organisation.

CLIO was also used in a recent Channel Tunnel exercise and again feedback was excellent."
Ian Eldridge, Contingency Planning and Resilience Manager/NILO at SECAmb