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Events: UK Law Enforcement 2012 National CLIO User Group (30 November, Manchester)

The 2012 UK Law Enforcement CLIO User Group conference is an excellent opportunity to network with fellow CLIO users across all spectrums of policing and share ideas and experiences and develop best practice. Along with welcoming a large number of new forces to the fold, we hope to update you on the more varied uses people are finding for CLIO and also to continue the theme of interoperability and cross border collaboration.

We constantly listen to our users and work on their ideas and suggestions - and this is our opportunity to put those ideas, often in the form of prototypes or screenshots, to the community for their input. This allows you to keep in touch with future developments and help shape those developments by voicing your opinion.

We always focus on practitioners providing input with case studies and by showcasing interesting uses of CLIO, and these are always well received. This year is no exception, with some really exciting talks from managing marches and demonstrations, to olympic planning, Interoperability and Cross Border Operations and much more.

The conference is planned as a one day event, but many delegates meet up the night before and this is an excellent opportunity to meet fellow officers and share experiences.

If you would like to attend and have not already seen an invite please get in touch.