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Welcome to Badger Software

Badger Software is the UK's leading supplier of systems for managing Critical Incidents and Crimes in Action.

We have been providing solutions to UK and International Law Enforcement and the commercial sector for three decades and our solutions have become key to organisations, ensuring the safety of staff, customers and the public, and to protect critical national infrastructure, brands, lives and reputations. All UK Police Forces have used products supplied by Badger Software and we work with several overseas governments with their law enforcement and joint agency operations, bringing significant benefits to those organisations.

The world is constantly changing and threats to safety, security and prosperity are becoming more prevalent. The threats were always there but their frequency and scale have risen significantly.

Governments and commercial organisations are seeing the reality of critical incidents, from severe weather to tsunamis, from water shortages to loss of power or even nuclear incidents, from public protests to industrial disputes, from criminal threats to terrorist acts. In light of local and world events, organisations are taking their preparation for and response to critical incidents ever more seriously.

The threats are ever changing but there is one important constant - the need to communicate. Being able to launch a planned, co-ordinated and managed response is key to preventing a full blown crisis, protecting the organisation's reputation and ensuring the business faces minimal disruption. Not only that - the ability to stand up to public scrutiny or litigation is paramount these days.

Reputations built over decades can be lost in moments if a critical incident is not managed well or cannot be shown to have been managed well.

In the past, organisations would deal with incidents by physically assembling staff at a single location or via conference call. In the modern world, workforces are geographically distributed and across multiple time zones, making this difficult to achieve. Tools to share information and co-ordinate activity across multiple locations and mobile devices, without relying on strict timings and locations improve the situation dramatically. Replacing old, paper based or verbal means for managing an incident can help achieve better and faster outcomes and provide that vital audit trail at the same time.

But people working under intense pressure and in fast moving situations cannot become slaves to technology that overburdens them and takes their focus away from the task. Tools must be simple and easy to use. They must support the business and assist those involved not only in following their own procedures but also adapting to new situations that often do not follow pre-prepared scripts.

The 21st century strategy for leaders has to be about constantly adapting to an ever changing landscape where agility and a short response time are critical to survival.